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Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus update brings pointy ears to the fray this May


Due out 21 May, Legacy of Romulus will be the next major update to Cryptic’s Star Trek Online. Its focus is the new Romulan faction which will join the ongoing intergalactic battle between The Federation and the Klingons, bringing with them their trademark Warbirds and pointy ears.

Though, as well as the new faction, there’s a hefty grabbag of new features and changes.

The Romulan content will be composed of a new campaign, new ships and characters, and also a set of character traits specific to their race. For those of you who remember her, Denise Crosby will be turning up in her role as Empress Sela. Cryptic are currently in the stages of getting her into the game, this process isn’t elaborated on but it goes a little something like this.

Though it’s not just the new Romulan faction that’s coming in May: a new threat is stalking the beta quadrant and causing a quandary for all known quantities present there, a new reputation system will be driven by a conflict for all factions against the Tholians, you’ll now be able to start as any faction and fight from level 1 through to 50.

On top of all that, the trait system is being expanded and the UI is receiving a pretty-up to bring the 2010 game into 2013.

You can read more about the changes coming this May over here.