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Star Wars 1313 “The Vegas Strip” of the Star Wars games


Star Wars 1313 is certainly looking impressive – and with us still in the look but don’t touch phase of its marketing cycle, that’s all we can say – but the new developer diary released by LucasArts is making it sound right up my street. It sounds like the guys over there are making an oddity when it comes to the Star Wars franchising, and it’s the games which are an oddity in that cannon which really stand out as the best.

First let us hear the bearded men talk about the wonder of pits:

I like immensely that you aren’t a force-imbued character, that you are a bounty hunter, that you are a tiny person in a vast city, and, at this point, it seems to be a richly detailed environment with a darkness we haven’t seen much of before in the Star Wars games. Except maybe brief glimpses, like when in the first Knights of the Old Republic game you went beneath the city on Taris.

That 18 certificate hopefully means LucasArts are fully exploring Star Wars seedy underbelly.