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Server failure stops players from claiming rare Battlefront 2 Leia skin, but EA promises to fix it

Server issues prevented Battlefront 2 players from claiming a special A New Hope Leia skin, but they'll get another chance.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 players were expecting to take part in a special community event over the weekend to celebrate Star Wars day, with the goal of winning a rare skin for Princess Leia – one based on her iconic appearance in A New Hope, complete with hair-buns.

However, while the community-based goals were accomplished, issues with the servers brought the game down – along with a lot of other EA titles – and left many unable to claim the unique skin. Additionally, it was poorly communicated that along with having to log in to Battlefront 2, players also had to claim and open a special crate containing the skin. Other players simply didn’t receive the prize.

Fortunately, EA has acknowledged all these issues with claiming the skin. Community manager Ben Walke posted on Twitter that the team “are looking to give [players] another chance at acquiring the Princess Leia Appearance. We will have exact times and dates shortly.” He also added, “you won’t have to complete the challenge again.” Which is a relief.

Players have reacted well to this announcement on Reddit, and many complained about being unable to claim the skin during the event. Some players competed in the community event with the new mode Capital Supremacy “for over 5 hours” and didn’t receive the crate, whereas others simply logged in and got the skin without even touching the mode – that was supposedly needed to win it.

Of course a big issue with the event was that the servers were down for a large chunk of it, which wasn’t the fault of the players. Still, it’s good to hear that players who couldn’t claim the skin won’t be left out, and there will be another chance to get hold of it soon – without completing all the various tasks again.

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Aside from commemorating Star Wars day, the community event was also to get more players to have a go on the new Capital Supremacy mode, which launched a couple of months ago. It’s inspired by the original Pandemic Battlefront 2, which EA just made available on its Origin Access service. EA can be generous, it seems.