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Rey to take on Darth Maul in first Star Wars: Battlefront II gameplay stream


Your first glimpse of Star Wars: Battlefront II gameplay is just around the corner, and now we know what you’ll be seeing. At E3 on June 10, EA will show the Assault on Theed.

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In case you’re not cool enough to know all about Star Wars, Theed is the capital of Naboo, and featured heavily in Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It’s a beautiful city of lakes, vines, and soaring golden buildings, and should make a dramatic setting for the battle.

EA’s announcement promises melee combat featuring Darth Maul and the anachronistic Rey; space duels between the Naboo N-1 fighters and Trade Federation Vulture Droids; and urban skirmishes between battle droids and AT-RT walkers.

YouTubers and streamers from the Battlefront community will form two teams of 20 and show you what Battlefront II is all about. But EA are saving a single space in the battle for you, if you enter the sweepstake by tweeting @EAStarWars explaining why you love Star Wars games.

If you’d rather watch, the stream goes live at 12:30 Pacific (20:30 BST), and can presumably be viewed on EA’s Star Wars Twitch channel, though helpfully, the announcement doesn’t specify.