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Star Wars Battlefront 2 is available now on Origin Access

Star Wars Battlefront 2 campaign

Star Wars Battlefront II is available now. Sort of. Between Origin Access and the two main editions of the game, there are three different Star Wars Battlefront II release times, so here’s a quick rundown.

Star Wars Battlefront II’s campaign will be “5-7 hours long.”

If you’re playing Battlefront 2’s standard edition, it’ll unlock on November 17, but you should be able to unlock it from 23:00 GMT on November 16, according to Origin. But if you’ve opted for the Deluxe Edition, you’ll have access to the full game three days early, starting on November 14. The Deluxe Edition also give access to upgraded troops, and bonus powers for Kylo Ren and Rey.

If you have Origin Access, however, you can play the game now. The Play First trial for Star Wars Battlefront II began yesterday, November 9, and will let you play for ten hours. You’ll have access to multiplayer and the first two campaign missions, and your progress will carry over into the main game, which you can buy for a 10% discount.

All of this shouldn’t be confused with the open beta, which ran from October 4 (or October 9, if you were a pre-order customer) to October 11.