How Star Wars Battlefront 2’s crafting, stat-boosting Star Cards, and RNG crates work | PCGamesN

How Star Wars Battlefront 2’s crafting, stat-boosting Star Cards, and RNG crates work

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 is an online multiplayer game being released in 2017. As such, it is the law that it has crafting and crates filled with random, stat-boosting buffs you can apply to its various classes. 

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Crates come in three flavours: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. 

  • Common crates
    • This tier gives you a Star Card and some crafting components. 
  • Uncommon crates
    • These will give you at least two Star Cards, with one guaranteed to be Uncommon. 
  • Rare crates 
    • Lastly, these give out at least three Star Cards and some crafting components, with one Star Card being a guaranteed Rare. 

All crates cost credits, which can be earned through crates, by levelling up, or presumably with microtransactions. Duplicate Star Cards are turned into crafting components. 

Those crafting components are used to upgrade Star Cards that you already own, though you can only take them up to ‘Epic’. Legendary Star Cards, which is the highest tier, have to be earned through crates.

Star Cards can change a variety of things for each class. In the video above we’re shown one example with Darth Maul. You can see the hero’s Strong Arm ability, which allows him to force throw enemies - the higher the Star Card tier, the further he can toss them. 

Basically, if you open enough crates and craft enough Star Cards, you will have an advantage over any new players you might come across. 

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Jac Atax avatarQDP2 avatarJenks avatar
QDP2 Avatar
8 Months ago

I was hoping crates would be similar to BF4 (or other shooters like CS:GO), limited to cosmetic items. Instead they've just put me off the game. 'Leveling up' not only introduces more classes with more weapons, but now money will unlock stronger buffs to players (noting that these 'cards' will not be visible in game. You can charge a low hp person and get blown up by because they've invested money/gotten lucky with their cards. Stat buffs are not a problem, but it's not cool to make them invisible to the player until their dead. Lack of readability will imbalance this game for me.

QDP2 Avatar
8 Months ago

I comment this one night, and about 2 hours later I get an email giving me access to the closed alpha that started this morning :P

Not sure if that was some weird luck, or if there's a DICE/EA employee here. Either way, complaints still visible, but partially retracted. "From what I've seen in trailers/public footage" (not allowed to record gameplay, not sure whether commenting/reviewing is allowed either yet), it doesn't seem to be as serious a game as Battlefield or even EA's BF1 was. Maybe that's because of it's early state, but the competitiveness didn't feel ...cough-look-cough ... as strong as other titles from EA.

Gunplay definitely seems fun, headshots are without a doubt the way to go. The 4 classes (A buff-based officer, a standard soldier, a sniper and a heavy) give clear differences (both sides having the same 4 classes + cards to choose from, but different weapons). From searching YouTube I found footage of the Collection screen, so I can say there are 10 Heroes listed there (only 4 playable right now). Heroes are also very accessible (average player could play as hero once EVERY game, 20v20, 20-25 minutes length, multi-phase like BF1). Unfortunately they're forced 3rd person, but they are a lot weaker than previous games (they'll still blow you up, but they're a lot more squishy and light-saber deflection isn't overpowered anymore).

For now, I'll watch with anxious eyes. I don't want to get drawn in the same way the first game did; pretty graphics but little-to-no content. That said, the game is looking more and more promising to me.

Jac Atax Avatar
8 Months ago

Crates? Great, once again peeps will be in the game store playing meta games holding up the main game.

It reminds me a little of the DAI multiplayer crafting, I suspect someone from the crates team has been working on this. Typically you get a good drop on your first expensive box to make you think they will all be like that then nothing for ages. Being able to craft the duplicates will take some of the sting out of that.

I enjoyed the last game and grinded my way up to level 83 before the maps emptied out, the servers were very flaky so I really hope they spend more time making them rock solid than they do fussing around cosmetic crates.

Jenks Avatar
8 Months ago

This facebook style gambling stuff really bothers me (even if it's just cosmetic items). Thankfully I don't play as many games as I used to, so passing up on all of them is a lot easier.