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Classic Star Wars remaster finally drops, but everyone hates it

Star Wars Battlefront is back in the form of the new classic collection, but less than 24 hours from launch it's accrued awful reviews.

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Star Wars Battlefront is back – a prospect that many will no doubt find far too exciting. New and allegedly improved, Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection thrusts you into the heart of 64-player action, where you can drive everything from classic starships like TIE Fighters and X-wings and vehicles like speeder bikes and AT-RTs. If nothing else, it’s a nostalgic blast from the past that we all needed – except, it’s not quite panning out how the developer has likely planned.

In just a few short hours since launch, Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection currently sits at “mostly negative” on Steam, a thoroughly average 5/10 – not exactly the best start.

Prime among myriad concerns is, as you’ve probably come to expect in 2024, issues with multiplayer game‘s servers. Despite only peaking at 9,232 concurrents, players are claiming that only three servers are currently live and aren’t able to deal with the influx of players. For context, Palworld peaked at over two million and, while servers wobbled, they remained stable for the most part.

A graph showing the peak concurrent players for Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection on Steam

“As of right now the multiplayer (otherwise known as the only reason to buy this product if you already own the original games) is entirely unplayable, making this game a waste of money until that issue is fixed,” writes one player, another commenting “DO NOT BUY UNLESS SERVERS ARE FIXED!”

Others remain sceptical about the price, which currently sits at $35.01 / £29.33 – relatively hefty given the age of the games, and the current server issues. “Obvious cash grab,” writes one, while multiple other reviews are encouraging players to refund.

At the moment, there’s been no direct response Aspyr, but PCGamesN has reached out for comment and will update this article if we receive a response.

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