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Star Wars Battlefront glimpsed running on PC in Tatooine footage

Star Wars Battlefront PC

Traditionally when DICE show off games they’re running on PC to show off all those glorious little details. But when demoing Star Wars Battlefront at E3 this year, DICE used PS4 consoles. Great to see what the game’s all about, but not what we PC buffs are really looking for. 

Looks like DICE realise they need to offer a bit of bait for the PC crowd, so the studio has tweeted a short video showing the game’s Tatooine level running on a computer. 

The frame rate is, obviously, lovely and high for that silky smooth feel. But what other differences are there? Overall it looks like the PC and console versions will be rather similar, which is no great surprise. DICE do love the PC a great deal though, so I’d expect them to highlight what they’ve done with the extra power as we get closer to the November release date of Star Wars Battlefront.