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Star Wars Battlefront open beta gets a new NVIDIA driver to optimise performance

[Update] NVIDIA have been in touch to confirm that there is, in fact, an SLI profile for this driver. Rejoice!

[Original story] Here are a couple of things that may have happened to you in the last 24 hours. 1: you got a Star Wars Battlefront open beta key through. 2: You saw the recently released recommended PC specs for Star Wars Battlefront, and cried into your hands. This is why NVIDIA's driver, the first to this writer's knowledge released specifically for a beta, exists. 

A modest performance boost is promised to NVIDIA graphics card owners from the official WHQL drivers, along with 'Game-Ready Optimization' - delve into the GeForce Experience menu and you'll find a one-button function which sets all in-game visual options to the sweet spot between fidelty and performance, based on your specs.

Interestingly, Battlefront is one of AMD's featured games. That doesn't mean it'll explicitly run better on AMD hardware, but history has often proven that to be the case. Given that company alliance, NVIDIA's decision to release its own driver for the beta speaks volumes. 

Anyone experiencing what feels like unsually low performance in the beta with either AMD or NVIDIA hardware? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Flappers Avatar
2 Years ago

There are some issues with this driver.

A lot of people, myself includes (look over on nvidia subreddit) complaining about performance problems with other games, as well as complete lock ups on their PC after upgrading.

When I installed the driver, during the installation, I was getting error messages about driver crashes, and DLL instruction failing. My desktop and start menu became frozen, and I had to ctrl alt del to restart my machine.

I jumped into a game of heroes of the storm, and with the game being locked at 60fps in the config file... before I never had a drop below 60, now it's running at around 55fps.

You might think it's not a huge difference, you're right. But the fact that my performance dropped by around 8% - that's a cause for concern.

I'll be downgrading back to the old driver once I'm home from work, before I start playing Battlefront. I'm sure it will run fine on an older driver, since others who already have access to the game are reporting that it runs flawlessly as it is.

Just be careful when upgrading the driver.