Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.4 leak shows off new area, boss, companion, pets, dailies

Star Wars: The Old Republic

While you’ve been busy /dancing and /emoting at the perpetual SWTOR party upstairs, we’ve been rooting around in the basement where a keg marked ‘1.4’ has leaked thick, hoppy files all over the floor. New dailies, vanity pets and mounts are working their way between the tiles, while a new area, companion and world boss pool stickily in the corner.

The new area – leaked on the game’s official forums – is Section X on Belsavis, which features a number of daily quests for Imperial classes:-

[DAILY] Hyperbiology
[DAILY] March of the Dread Guard
[DAILY] Data Raid
[DAILY] Targeted Misfire
[HEROIC] The Aurora Cannon
[AREA] Lost Reconnaissance

And for the Republic:-

[DAILY] Bio-Reform
[DAILY] Imminent Threat
[DAILY] The Dread Guard
[DAILY] Priority Containment
[HEROIC] Long Shots
[AREA] Key to Decryption

The new world boss is Dreadtooth, a nasty involved in three weekly missions and appearing in four separate codex entries. That’s because every time Dreadtooth is defeated he comes back stronger, in Corrupted, Frenzied, and Nightmarish forms. There’s also mention of an item, ‘Dreadful Essence’ – a “portion of the corrupted power he accumulated before being defeated”, which “adds a stack of ‘Dreadful Researgence’ to Dreadtooth”.

A new HK droid to recruit as a companion is always a cause for celebration. HK-51 is “cold, calculating and incredibly lethal”, and his assassination protocols deteriorate without frequent use – in other words, HK-51 must kill to survive, and pursues his protocols with an obsessive fervour. I think we’ll get along just swell. He wields a sniper rifle by default.

There’s a new ship items tier, which incorporates a Blast Condenser, Deflection Amplifier, Deflector Shield, Durasteel Armor, and Laser Cannons, and a ream of new space missions, with names like these:-

Ardis Outpost Fortification
Baros Ambush
Cha Raaba Assault
Duma Strike
Far Cradle Strike
Hypori Escort
Kabal Station Defense
Kanz Minefield
Lorta Escort
New Cov Asteroid Field
Operation Ardis Outpost Fortification
Operation Baros Ambush
Operation Cha Raaba Assault
Operation Clean Sweep
Operation Duma Strike
Operation Far Cradle Strike
Operation Foe-Smasher
Operation Hypori Escort
Operation Kabal Station Defense
Operation Kanz Minefield
Operation Lorta Escort
Operation New Cov Asteroid Field
Operation Regnant Station Assault
Regnant Station Assault
Space Combat: Ardis Outpost Fortification
Space Combat: Baros Ambush
Space Combat: Cha Raaba Assault
Space Combat: Duma Strike
Space Combat: Far Cradle Strike
Space Combat: Hypori Escort
Space Combat: Kabal Station Defense
Space Combat: Kanz Minefield
Space Combat: Lorta Escort
Space Combat: New Cov Asteroid Field”
Space Combat: Regnant Station Assault
Space Combat: Thanium Disruption
Thanium Disruption

Also included in the update are new vanity pets for the incoming free to play shop:-

Arctic Manka Lynx
Black Womp Weasel
Bloodhusk Lylek
Blue-Speckled Gizka
Brown Womp Weasel
Desert Nekarr Cat
Ebon-wing Flutterplume
Fire-bellied Vrblet
Flamehair Kowakian Monkey-lizard
Forest Lizardbat
Forest Nekarr Cat
Gilded Flutterplume
Golden Lizardbat
Golden-skinned Vrblet
Green-backed Vrblet
Green-Spotted Gizka
Ivory Mouse Horranth
Jungle Manka Lynx
Low Atmosphere Miniprobe
Lunar Wriggler
Lurker Blurrg
Micro-Aggressor Droid
Micro-Defender Droid
Micro-Patroller Droid
Mossy Mouse Horranth
Mottled Blurrg
Mountain Lizardbat
Paradise Flutterplume
Red-Backed Gizka
Ruddyscale Kowakian Monkey-lizard
Sablefur Kowakian Monkey-lizard
Savanna Manka Lynx
Shadow Nekarr Cat
Slate Mouse Horranth
Slateshard Lylek
Speckled Blurrg
Stellar Wriggler
Sub-Zero Miniprobe
Toxic Environment Miniprobe
Tundra Nekarr Cat
Venomcrest Lylek
White Womp Weasel

And a car showroom’s-worth ofnew mounts:-

Ambassador’s Meditation Hoverchair
Avalanche Heavy Tank
Desler Explorer
Desler Nomad
Diplomat’s Meditation Hoverchair
Dominator’s Command Throne
Overlord’s Command Throne
Praxon Aether
Praxon Firaxa
Praxon Trackmaster
Shadow Hand’s Command Throne
Tirsa Champion
Watchman’s Meditation Hoverchair

What’s the highlight for you? A ruthless new friend, or new environs to explore?