Seagate creates Star Wars SSDs inspired by The Mandalorian

You can now pick up FireCuda M.2 NVMe and SATA solid state drives coated in beskar steel, as well as an external hard drive chassis

Seagate's collection of Mandalorian beskar steel inspired storage devices, including an external HDD, SATA 2.5" SSD, and M2. NVMe PCIe Gen 4 SSD

Partnering with Lucasfilm, Seagate has created a collection of SSDs and hard drives that look just like beskar steel ingots from The Mandalorian (via PC Gamer.) If you don’t mind the imprinted Imperial crest, these devices are sure to fit right in any Star Wars fan’s gaming PC.

The Mandalorian inspired storage devices are available in three form factors. The M.2 drive is actually one of the best SSDs for gaming underneath its beskar heatsink, the Seagate FireCuda 530. With sequential read/write speeds of up to 7,300/6000MB/s, it should load the best PC games in as much time as it takes Din Djarin to warp across the galaxy in his newly kitted out N-1 starfighter.

If your motherboard doesn’t have any M.2 slots, you can grab a SATA SSD with a capacity of up to 2TB. Alternatively, Seagate also offers an external USB chassis with a tasteful blue LED, that comes with a 2TB HDD. However, you should be able to replace it with any standard sized SATA drive for more storage or faster speeds.

Prices for the M.2 SSD start at $167.99 USD for the 500GB model, jumping up to $272.99 for the larger 1TB version. Meanwhile, the SATA 2.5” solid state drive can be had for $167.99-$283.99 depending on the size you opt for. Finally, the 2TB HDD and USB chassis will set you back $129.99.

Seagate Beskar Ingot Drive Special Edition FireCuda PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDCheck Prices

These special edition drives aren’t likely to stick around for long, so it’d be wise to act fast if you do fancy complementing your system’s silicon with some beskar steel. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, your new SSD should get to your door as quickly as it’ll load games. Not only that, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of all the games and goodies offered by Twitch Prime too.