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Star Wars: The old Republic's Knights of the Eternal Throne trailer is better than Episode VII

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Did you watch that cinematic trailer up there before reading these words? You should, because it's bloody brilliant, looks amazing and has better fight choreography than any Star Wars film made. It has the advantage of it all being CGI, but then so were the prequels. Boom.

Star Wars: TOR is an MMO, but perhaps you're in it for the sci-fi. If so, our list of best space games has you covered. 

The CGI trailer shows a young girl with Jedi aspirations. She's strong with the force, but struggles to control it, not helped much by her mother who wants to suppress her gifts. I won't spoil the rest, but Blur Studios have done a fantastic job on the short.

It's a great trailer, but the point of it is to promote the upcoming Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Unfortunately for the expansion, there's no way it can live up to its trailer. Luckily for subscribers, it's free when it launches this December, so you'll be able to find out for nothing. 

BioWare's expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne, lets players be the Outlander, a veteran leading the fight against the throne. You'll command a team of chosen allies as you face of against the world's most dangerous family. Being a BioWare MMO, you'll get to decide the fates of this family and, ultimately, who will run the galaxy, light or dark. 

The expansion features nine chapters, five new levels and two new planets to quest across, and it's out on December 2. 

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RavenHawk avatarBickmore avatar
RavenHawk Avatar
1 Year ago

They always did great cinematic trailers for this game. Unfortunately the game itself underdelivers.

Bickmore Avatar
1 Year ago

Ooh! Something about the music and the way the ship moves at 2:45 seems very Force Awakens. Downloading TOR now because I've always meant to give it a go.