The Old Republic resurrects 300 year old protagonist as villain in Shadow of Revan

Star Wars: The Old Republic

If The Old Republic really was Knights 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 as it was first pitched, then this week’s expansion is sequel number eight. After deviations into dogfighting in Galactic Starfighter and cosmetic player housing, Shadow of Revan is a nod to the series’ original playerbase, and a final act for its first protagonist and sometime plot point.

The story-driven update is now live behind a $19.99 paywall. It nudges the level cap back a further five to 60, and fills the resulting XP gulf with thoroughly-plotted missions, high-level Flashpoints and Operations, and “savage” new worlds – the tropical pirate haven of Rishi, and Yavin 4, homeworld of the Massassi warriors.

Cor, that French horn theme tickles the nostalgia glands, doesn’t it? The earnest grandstanding, not so much.

Revan is backed by a sect of extremists who swear allegiance to neither Empire nor Republic but call themselves Revanites. They’ve a plan to end the universe, obvs.

“You must face your destiny and lead the fight against Revan,” insist BioWare. “The battle against Revan begins now!”

I’ve found much more to love about The Old Republic in the background classes: the Republic Troopers who storm planets alongside the Jedi but struggle to keep the local populace onside afterwards; the Imperial Agents who act as glorified janitors, clearing up the diplomatic messes of impulsive Sith lords. How about you?