StarCraft 2 introduces Dehaka, a new primal pack leader, at this year’s Gamescom


Blizzard are working on Dehaka for StarCraft 2, showing off some new units, and letting you summon primal leaders right underneath your foes. Dehaka will be able to adapt, growing in size and seeming to gain new abilities as they progress through the game.

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Dehaka is able to control primal zerg and is described by Blizzard as a huge, evolving monster. As he progresses through the game, he’s able to absorb essence from his fallen enemies, letting him grow nearly constantly while developing new traits and powers, including the ability to breathe fire.

Dehaka will also be to use a unique ability, Devour, to gain skills from specific units. Devour will one-shot units, letting Dehaka take on traits specific to them.

StarCraft also have a new mission being shown off at Gamescom. Purifier has you escort a friendly ship through evil Tal’darim AI.