StarCraft Pro ‘Larva’ faces ban after pretending to nap during a match

Larva Zotac Cup

There’s ‘being good at videogames’, and then there’s ‘being so good at videogames that you can openly mock your opponent and still win comfortably’. As it turns out, StarCraft pro Lim “Larva” Hong Gyu is the latter.

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In the first game of the Zotac Cup finals against Luo “Legend” Xian, Larva was so sure of his success that he utilised ‘the Breakdancing Drone’. For those of you not educated in StarCraft parlance, that essentially means choosing not to use a worker unit, starving the player of the resources that drone could gather.

Not content with his first bit of virtual smack-talk, Larva continued to goof off throughout the rest of the match. In the second game, he finished up by pretending to play with his feet, while in the final game he pretended to nap for a few seconds. Despite his bravado offering him an obvious disadvantage, he won the final 3-0.

While many watching were amused, tournament organisers Zotac were definitely not. They issued a statement on Chinese social network Weibo threatening to ban Larva from future events, saying “we want to promise not to invite any professional or non-professional players with a similar track record from participating in Zotac competitions.” They go on to say that “Zotac really, really hopes Korean player Larva would apologize to opponent Legend Luo Xian for his uncivilized personal behaviour during the competition.”