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StarCraft 2 patch 3.6.0 adds a new Commander and map to co-op missions, along with tweaks

StarCraft 2 patch

StarCraft 2’s latest patch injects some new life into co-op, bringing along a fresh Commander and stomping ground for you and your pals. 

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Alarak is ya boy, joining co-op missions as the first field Commander with access to top-bar abilities. Alarak is an offensive hero with low survivability on his own, though he can sacrifice his own pawns to keep himself alive. He will always be the last unit to die.

You’ll have to buy him if you want to try him out, however. Three new emoticons are included with Alarak’s purchase, presumably to sweeten the deal.

A new map, Mist Opportunities, has also been added to Co-op Missions. Egon Stetmann, stranded on Bel’shir since before the fall of Arcturus Mengsk, needs your help harvesting terrazine gas, according to the patch notes. You’ll need to protect his automated Harvesting Bots during this new mission.

To spice things up, you can also add Mutators to co-op missions, with up to ten selectable per mission. Custom Mutators mode is only available to pre-made two-player parties and Commanders must be level five or higher to be usable in this mode.

There are also your usual balance tweaks for Commanders, along with a host of bug fixes and tweaks. You’ll be pleased to know that the whispers error message has finally been fixed. Check out the full StarCraft 2 patch notes on the site.