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Vegas is looking to start taking bets on eSports


In a recent Gaming Policy Committee meeting, representatives from Nevada’s casino industry discussed the potential of expanding into the world of eSports. The state does not have laws against gambling with eSports, so it could happen.

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It won’t be anytime soon, though, as there are still many questions to be answered beyond the legality of it. The biggest issue is the problem of experts. Right now traditional sports have hundreds of experts that can set the odds and monitor games played. In comparison, eSports boast very few experts. Better access to those with knowledge would be needed to help develop a betting system. 

The meeting discussed that eSports may require a different system to that traditionally used for competitive sports, suggesting that poker-style betting with gamblers betting against one another may work better. 

Craig Levine, CEO of the ESL, was present at the meeting, and discussed with the committee their concerns on match-fixing and doping. ESL recently signed onto a list of banned substances maintained by the World Anti-Doping Agency, which should help rest some of those fears.  

Las Vegas has been home to several eSports tournaments, so it’s understandable why the casino industry would want to expand into the area. They’ve seen the huge audiences they attract. But as the CEO of a major casino noted at the meeting, the industry would have to consider the challenges of events where competitors and fans may often be under-age to enter a casino in the state of Nevada. 

The committee are due to return for another meeting in August to further discuss eSports gambling. While it would probably be a long road until eSports betting is a reality in Vegas, if it can happen it likely will; the skyrocketing popularity of digital sports is very clearly a gold mine of gambling potential. And when there’s money to be made, the corporations will arrive sooner or later.  

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Oh dear. I tend to avoid games involved in eSports in the first place as there's too much politicking involved in the balancing. The bigger this gets, I feel the worse that's going to be for the games involved.

I miss when a balance patch could be a delicate thing which tweaked things in small ways, rather than being a giant and ham-fisted nerf hammer designed to appease the powers that be in eSports.

Secretly glad Battleborn isn't suited for eSports. I love Battleborn for letting me play disabled (Benedict), chubby, old, and flat-chested (possibly trans-man) characters, so I wouldn't want to see it torn to shreds by the world of eSports, even if that would bring Gearbox money. That's perhaps as far as I can go when it comes to being really selfish. Battleborn was kind of a once in a blue moon thing, for me.

It even had a nihilistic AI obsessed with the simulated reality theory. Couldn't ask for more.