StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void beta is now live, start your Protoss crusade now

StarCraft II Legacy of the Void closed beta

Blizzard have announced that the beta for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is now live, and some lucky players already have access. 

The beta opens up the multiplayer of Legacy of the Void, along with all the new units and abilities that the full game will provide, as well as new gameplay changes. If you’re signed up to beta test Blizzard games, now may be your chance to see where the future of StarCraft II is. 

The beta is being offered to select players, with more people being invited as the beta goes on. You’ll need to have your account set up to opt in to betas. If you’ve been selected, the game will appear in your client.

Blizzard are selecting people on a few factors such a recent StarCraft II activity and your system specs, but there’s also an element of luck involved, so check your client now to see if you’ve been selected.

People in the beta are allowed to stream the game, so if you’ve been unlucky you can always spectate the action on Twitch. Just look up Legacy of the Void: Closed Beta.

Players are also allowed to to hold online tournament events with the beta, provided prize funds are lower than $10,000.

The beta includes new Protoss units such as the Adept, a psionic soldier than can create copies of itself, and the Disruptor, a drone-like robot with a powerful AoE attack that grants it invulnerability. Terran will be able to field the Cyclone missile launcher, whilst Zerg see the return of the Lurker, and a new unit called the Ravager, which morphs from a Roach. Detailed information on each can be found at StarCraft II’s blog.