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ASL returns for a fourth season with StarCraft: Brood War’s biggest first place prize ever

asl starcraft season 4

The release of StarCraft: Remastered has brought a glimmer of life back into what was once the world’s biggest esport. Appropriately, then Afreeca StarLeague are coming back for a fourth season with a massive prize pool totalling over ₩100,000,000. The first place player will take home ₩60,000,000, or just over $52,000, which is the biggest grand prize in Brood War history.

It should be no surprise that StarCraft is one of our picks for the best strategy games on PC.

The opening round of 24 will feature StarCraft legends new and old, including:

  • Group A
    • Sea
    • Sky
    • Larva
    • Light
  • Group B
    • Last
    • sSak
    • Stork
    • Where
  • Group C
    • Effort
    • Lazy
    • Mind
    • Rush
  • Group D
    • JaeDong
    • Sharp
    • Mini
    • HiyA
  • Group E
    • BeSt
    • Ample
    • Mong
    • Rain
  • Group F
    • Eyewater
    • Hero
    • Snow
    • FireBatHero

The matches will be held at the FreecUP studio in Seoul starting September 10. You can check out all the action at Afreeka.tv, and keep up on the brackets at Liquipedia.

Despite falling from its position as the world’s top esport following the rise of MOBAs, StarCraft has continued to generate big interest and massive prize pools, particularly in South Korea. Both StarCraft II and Brood War have remained in heavy rotation, and the recent release of StarCraft: Remastered should help to buoy the relevance of the latter.