Blizzard recap StarCraft 2 World Championship Series to date in a handy set of videos


Back in April, Blizzard snapped up a team of former IPL staff to work on “high-quality web and mobile content” for their own games. Now, I’m not entirely sure that the same bunch is responsible, but somewhere behind the Irvine company’s one-way mirror a group of staffers has begun recording the events of StarCraft’s WCS for the benefit of Youtube.

The weekly videos are dedicated to capturing the key moments of the all-encompassing tournament as they happen. This week’s Top 5 Highlights tie together some stunning moments from WCS America’s Round of 16, the European Season 1 finals, and the Korean semi-finals – including an already notorious Widow Mine strike at the expense of ForGG.

Stephano eventually lost out to Mvp in the European finals – but is evidently making the most of what our Rob describes as an “extended twilight” before his retirement in August.

What have your favourite WCS moments been? Do they match up with these?