DreamHack Open Stockholm sign-ups and tickets now available

StarCraft II

On the weekend of April 26, Stockholm will play host to the first of five European Heart of the Swarm events spread across 2013. Over the course of two days, a gaggle of nascent victors will come to the fore and claim four places in the Grand Finals. And perhaps one of those signing up today will be declared this year’s DreamHack champion once Winter comes.

The 64 competitors at DreamHack Open Stockholm will fight for 175,000 SEK, part of a 1,200,000 SEK prize pool ($190,000) split between the five events. Anybody can sign-up to participate for a 300 SEK fee via this form, and slots are filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

“DreamHack’s goal is to once again raise the bar on how to create world class eSports shows,” said Dreamhack CEO Robert Ohlén. “Expect a lot of new cool features for this year both with the show on location and new features never seen before”.

DreamHack plan to keep last year’s format intact, but have worked to improve facilities via new player booths, a revamped stage set-up and new broadcasting and interview areas. The additions should ensure fewer breaks between matches.

Most laudably, the organisation is now promising prize money to the top eight competitors in each tournament.

The show will be held at Stockholm Globe Arenas, Annexet, and feature some of the biggest names in casting. Tickets are availablefrom 274 SEK for the entire weekend, though a new bar and restaurant means bottom floor tickets are purchasable by 18+ spectators only. Outside Stockholm, all matches will be streamed free on Twitch at 720p.

Last year’s DreamHack Winter StarCraft 2 final saw Her0 beat teammate TaeJa so severely that our Rob was left very nearly at a loss for words. Very nearly.

Will you be tuning in? Or competing, perhaps?