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GOMTV begin uploading best GSL matches to YouTube

As gaming as a spectator's sport rises, we're going to start hitting the age old problem of how to convert new viewers: you sit your friend down, promising them they'll enjoy it, only to find that particular round is dull and rubbish. Your friend is lost, to the potential hobby and to you.

GOMTV are trying to end that issue by uploading the best, most historic, tense, and enjoyable matches of the GSL to YouTube for all to experience.

Spectators of the GSL (Global Starcraft 2 League) have been witness to tactics now nerfed out of the sport, players stumbling and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and more Starcraft than you can shake a particularly big stick at. By uploading 20 of the best matches, GOMTV are inviting new viewers into that long history.

You can view them all over on GOMTV's YouTube channel, or get started with number one right here:

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