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Leenock wins second Starcraft 2 MLG title at Summer Championship

StarCraft II does bans like it does everything else: in waves.

MLG’s Raleigh Summer Championship finished yesterday after three days of frantic clicking; three days of men and women making the most significant professional mouse-clicks of their lives to date. All in all, Lee ‘Leenock’ Dong Nyung made the finest clicks of the tournament, winning the final series 4-1 in his second MLG championship victory playing Starcraft 2.

After the final, Leenock talked to ESFI World about the pressure he felt following his last MLG win: “After [MLG] Providence I fell into a slump that I actually came out of through this tournament run. In every individual league and GSTL as well I feel like I wasn’t performing very well at all. All players go through it, you just have to get out of it.”

See the full list of winners below:-

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty:

1st Place – $25,000 – Leenock
2nd Place -$15,000 – First
3rd/4th Place – $7,250 each – Taeja, TheStC
5th/6th Place – $3,500 each – HerO, ViOLet
7th/8th Place – $2,250 each – Revival, Heart

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – WCS North America Finals:

1st Place – $24,000 – Scarlett
2nd Place – $9,000 – Vibe
3rd Place – $3,600 – Idra
4th Place – $1,800 – Major
5th Place – $1,300 – Insur
6th Place – $1,300 – State
7th Place – $1,100 – Illusion
8th Place – $1,100 – Ostojiy
9th Place – $9,000 – Huk