Lurker Libre: TotalBiscuit to host “masked” StarCraft 2 invitational with mystery players

StarCraft II does bans like it does everything else: in waves.

Luchadore stage names, burrito sponsors and Mexican commentary are three of the features that may or not make it into TotalBiscuit’s latest “dumb idea”, but one thing is certain: the inimitable caster is planning a SHOUTcraft Masked Invitational, in which the names of top players will be hidden.

“Dumb ideas that roll through my head include: SHOUTcraft Masked Invitational, all mystery players, names revealed when they are knocked out,” tweeted TotalBiscuit this morning. “Each player must take a luchadore stage name and must wear an actual mask while playing.”

“Ok who am I kidding you’d watch the crap out of that let’s get it done,” he added. And later: “This is goddamn happening. Going to go find the funding and masks. BBL.”

The caster clarified on Reddit that the invitational “won’t be a barcode tournament” – rather, each player will be assigned a Lucha Libre-themed name and mask on a new account, and be officially unmasked on camera as they are knocked out.

All of which begs the question: how well do you know the playstyles of SC2’s top players? Well enough to recognise them on sight?