Red Bull to hold StarCraft II Tournament in New York this November


Red Bull are bringing eSports to the big apple with their Battle Grounds New York tournament. Taking place 23-24th November, the tournament will pit eight StarCraft 2 pros against each other for a hefty $50,000 prize pot.

The first of Red Bull’s Battle Grounds New York eSports tournaments will be hosted and commentated by Day[9] himself Sean Plott at Hammerstein Ballroom. Of the eight players he’ll be overseeing, four have been announced: Jan Min ‘MC’ Chul and Ji Sung ‘Bomber’ Choi join after being crowned the top players of last year’s Battle Grounds tournament, along with champion of Red Bull Training Grounds Santa Monica Myeong Hwan ‘Golden’ Jo and Jens ‘Snute’ Aasgaard of Red Bull Training Grounds Orlando. They’re some of Soth Korea’s finest players, and undoubtedly the final four other players will be of equal standing.

Keep an eye on the Red Bull Battle Grounds website for more information on the tournament in the lead up to the big weekend. The tournament itself will of course be streamed online, as well as played in front of a live audience at the Hammerstein. Check out the website for information on how to attend should you fancy spectating this huge event in person.