StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Vengeance launch trailer shows many terrans being mushed


While it’s still a week till Heart of the Swarm’s release, Blizzard have chosen to set their launch trailer free. Maybe a mistake brought about by hysterical excitement in the game development pit or a calculated move by the marketing department. We’ll likely never know.

It rehashes some footage from the intro video released last month but there’s some new video of a very unfriendly Kerrigan.

Check it out below.

You’d hope she’d be a little happier to have been largely de-alienised. Still, when the first thing you see upon waking is Raynor breathing down on you it might explain things a little.

Blizzard’s trailers are always extremely well crafted CGI, and this is no different, but they don’t necessarily hit the tone of the game. Hopefully this time will be different and the story will inform how the game plays.

We’ll know next week after Heart of the Swarmlaunches.