Starcraft 2 patch 2.0.4 will bring all the improvements of Heart of the Swarm to Wings of Liberty except, y’know, the new units and campaign


Alongside its new campaign and units, Heart of the Swarm is coming bundled with many improvements to Starcraft 2’s base game – groups, a new UI, new replay features, etc. They’re so good that Blizzard don’t want Wings of Liberty to suffer in comparison, so they’re releasing all these improvements for the old game in a single patch. Patch 2.0.4 to be specific.

It’s the last major patch for Wings of Liberty before the release of Heart of the Swarm and you can see all it contains below.

According to Blizzard’s blog post,Wings of Liberty 2.0.4 includes:

The update will be rolling out soon and should appear as an update popup when the time is right. So don’t fret, keep playing as normal and then BOOM it’ll be done. If you’re still feeling anxious try reading Blizzard’s surprisingly lengthy walkthrough for an automatic update.

All props to PC Gamer for the heads-up.