StarCraft 2 pro player Idra: “I am not going to continue as a competitive player”


Following his dismissal from the StarCraft 2 team Evil Geniuses Greg ‘IdrA’ Fields has decided to retire from competitive play.

Speaking with JP “itmeJP” McDaniel in a new episode of Real Talk, Greg Fields told the host that “I am not going to continue as a competitive player” because “it’s just got to the point where competition isn’t enjoyable for me anymore.”

It gets to Fields’ announcement at the 19.08 mark.

“That is what drove me in pro gaming, especially in StarCraft 2,” Fields told McDaniel. I don’t particularly enjoy the game but I really liked beating people and now that’s just, well, I’m not winning nearly as much – which is part of the reason it’s less fun – but the competition itself is not as interesting, challenging, or satisfying to me.”

He claims that in his final meeting with the heads of Evil Geniuses they all came to the same conclusion. They said that he could continue playing at WCS and continue as a pro player if he won it but he decided he would rather pull out now. There were plans to move him “towards casting personality, content producer, even as part of EG, just because we felt that was the best option for both of us.”

Fields was ejected from the team earlier this week after posting a response in a forum thread in which he called his fans “a bunch of fucks” and that “it just so happens i get paid to treat you like it. it’s fucking awesome.”

On Real Talk, Fields clarified that he intended his response to be aimed at people who watch eSports for the drama and to see players fail: “I’d apologise to any of my genuine fans who took that to mean I didn’t respect or appreciate them. I was not calling them “fucks” as I said. That was aimed at the people who aren’t really fans but consider themselves fans or at least viewers or the fans of eSports who aren’t really fans of eSports and just like the drama and the attention. Those aren’t the kind of people we need and I would appreciate it if they got out of the community.”

“I stand by my statement within the clarifications I made thus far”.

We’ll keep you updated as to Fields’ plans when they’re announced.