StarCraft 2 2013 Season 3 ladder lock imminent; four days left to push for promotion


Season 3 on StarCraft 2’s 2013 ladder is nearing its end, and in a matter of days the deep freeze sets in. During the Season 3 lock, you’ll find that you can’t be promoted or demoted from your current league or division, and you’ll stop gaining bonus points from victories.

However, you will still be able to play out your remaining bonus pool and compete for the best place within your division until the season’s end in a week-and-a-half’s time.

Bewarned: while movement between divisions is temporarily halted, the invisible rating system used to determine promotions and demotions is not – play especially badly during the Season 3 lock, and you might find yourself in a different league altogether when the new season begins. The maths is still happening.

And if you’re chasing a higher league, you still have until 12am PDT on Monday, June 3 to get there. Season 4 will start at the same time a week later, on Monday, June 10, to coincide with WCS Season 2.

See the full 2013 season schedule for more dates. What will the ladder lock mean for you? Are you happy with where you’ve placed?