Starcraft 2 video recaps the three years since Wings of Liberty release; may make you teary


With Heart of the Swarm just around the corner, eSport site Millenium have put together a video that recaps the three years since Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty’s release; right the way from the queues on launch night to Heart”>”>Heart of the Swarm’s intro video released earlier this month.

Video embedded below the break.

There are few games that such a video could be made about. So many simply have their day in the sun immediately after release before largely being forgotten and going unplayed. Starcraft’s continuing growth makes for a pretty engaging watch. I’d love to see the folk over at 2 Player Productions give it the documentary treatment. Get some of the people at Blizzard talking about how Starcraft changed for them since the first game’s release, morphed into the global multiplayer phenomenon that we know today.