Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm beta goes live


Check your inboxes. Your main one, obviously. But also your backup, and the one that you use just to sign up to services you know you never want to hear anything from. And check that one you made when you were 14 and thought that Judge Dredd was just about the coolest thing on the planet and so ‘DreddLaw69’ would be a good account name.

Well at least Dredd is still cool. And you might be in the Heart of the Swarm beta. Which just went live. Which is why you’re checking your inboxes.

Invites have started to be sent out, hefted on the carrier pigeons of the internet, travelling dilligently down the tubes before delicately depositing the deliveries in your inbox, perhaps even leaving a little e-mint on top, because they’re professionals, and they take pride in their work.
We should have some words about whether it’s any good soon,but until then, keep checking those inboxes and frantically hitting refresh, because you might get an invite sooner or later. They’re going to need lots of testing to make sure the balance is just right, this time.