UK StarCraft 2 tournament will say Farewell to Wings of Liberty


To celebrate the launch of Heart of the Swarm, and to give Wings of Liberty a send-off, retailer GAME and peripheral manufacturer Razer are co-sponsoring an enormous, 512-place, 1v1 StarCraft 2 knockout tournament for UK gamers. Farewell to Wings of Liberty will start on February 25th and the finals of the two-week tournament will be played in London on March 11th, the eve of Heart of the Swarm’s release.

Expect live streaming of key matches for all the world to watch, with commentators Adam “Madals” Simmons and Robert “Pughy” Pugh. Click through to find out how you can sign up, join in and Zerg rush your way to victory.

If you want to test your mettle, you can sign up for the fight here. Expect the matches to be best of three, except for the final except which will be the best of seven matches. Should you fight your way to that final, you’ll find yourself playing in front of a live crowd at the Barcraft Heart of the Swarm launch event. No pressure, then.

According to GAME the finalists, as well as other players who place in the top 32, “will walk away with prizes ranging from Razer’s officially-licensed StarCraft 2: Heart of The Swarm range, GAME reward points and more, with additional spot prizes available for both Sportsmanship and Plays of the Tournament.” It doesn’t look like there’s any cash prizes to be claimed, but you can bet the best players will make their mark on the esports scene.