WCS Korea nationals details announced


The Starcraft II World Championship Series is well underway and with Stephano’s recent win at the French nationals, the big guns are out and they’re firing. Details of the Korean nationals dropped on Tuesday and they’re rather interesting.

The World Championship Series nationals have passed by largely unnoticed, with Dreamhack, the TSL4 qualifiers and the GSL taking place simultaneously. The Korean nationals will be a different kettle of fish; the top ten players in the GSL ranking will be automatically seeded into the competition. This means big name players like Squirtle, Hero, Taeja and MvP should be included.

Six seeded spots will be given to KeSPA players, the details of which have yet to be revealed, but should mean we’ll be watching players like Flash and Bisu compete for the trophy.

The four qualifiers start from July 22nd, filling 32 spots. The championship kicks off on August 6th.