New life sim Brewmaster is Stardew Valley for beer lovers

The Brewmaster life sim from Auroch Digital puts you in charge of a startup brewery and every aspect of your craft, from flavor notes to storage and even labels

Brewmaster life sim: A glass of pale brown beer sits in a table next to ripe yellow hops

Brewmaster is a new life sim from Auroch Digital where you strive to be, well, the master of brews by learning the fine art of crafting your own beer, paying attention to the finest details, understanding the nuanced chemistry that shapes the flavor of your creation, and even choosing the design of your own labels. Brewmaster, or Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator, to use its full name, launches September 29 for PC and console and includes a story mode where you take your brewery from humble start-up to world-renowned purveyor of the finest beers.

That means taking on challenges to hone your craft, such as fulfilling highly specific orders from local organizations, taking part in competitions to grow your brand, and thinking outside the box to make your beer known far and wide.

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There’s also sandbox mode, where you can freely experiment with everything. And there’s so much to experiment with. A cursory glance at the Brewmaster trailer shows a list of incredibly specific attributes that go far beyond what you’d expect from your average sim game, all of which are free to tweak depending on the ingredients you use, how you store it, and how long you let it ferment. If you ever wanted to know the finer points of beer making, this is the game for you.

While it might sound a bit overwhelming, Brewmaster’s trailer suggests there’s plenty of help on offer to get you familiar with the specifics, even down to helpful tips on how to handle and improve recipes to ensure your clients leave satisfied.

There’s a slew of other quality of life features, including the option to speed up time so you don’t have to wait

You can add Brewmaster to your wishlist on Steam now.

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