This Stardew Valley mod adds a missing persons mystery to solve

You're also getting a new romance event

A magical tree in Stardew Valley's Magical Families mod

Stardew Valley players add heaps of cool titbits to the chill game to keep it fresh. Now and then, though, you get a larger mod that adds something akin to new DLC. One of the most recent slices of new content to catch our eye is a mod that adds two NPCs to meet, new items, events, and a mystery for you to solve.

FellowClown’s Magical Family mod brings Valerie to Pelican Town, who slowly uncovers the mystery behind a citizen’s disappearance. But, unfortunately, she is soon interrupted by her mother, Dezerie, who inserts herself into Valerie’s life and disrupts her goals as a spiritual element expert.

The mod also features oodles of mystery events that alter the course of the plot if you complete them all. One of them involves going to the wizard’s house at a particular time after finding a secret note within the town’s forest. After that, you can join Valerie in the saloon to advance the quest if you have one heart with her. If you want to know where it goes from there, you’ll have to download the mod.

Speaking of hearts, you can also romance Valerie – this is Stardew Valley, after all. You’ll even get heaps of new events for doing so, such as a wedding if you reach 14 hearts.

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You can find this one on Nexus Mods if you fancy giving it a whirl, alongside instructions on downloading it. If you’re looking for more Stardew Valley mods, you know where to click.

Top image credit: Nexus Mods / FellowClown