This Stardew Valley mod lets you care for My Hero Academia’s All Might

The mod adds a slow-burning story that lasts four in-game years

Someone has created a new Stardew Valley mod that introduces a villager who is heavily inspired by My Hero Academia’s Toshinori Yagi, better known by his superhero alias All Might.

He bears the same look and name as All Might, and will even make references to the popular anime, but is ultimately his own person. One of the modders behind the new NPC explains on NexusMods that their “take on Toshinori in Stardew Valley is essentially a unique character who shares the name, appearance, and building blocks that made My Hero Academia’s Toshinori likeable” to them.

The version of the character that this project introduces focuses on his weakened form. In this mod, Yagi is a “a complicated man with a debilitating, chronic illness” who you can befriend and get to know better. It looks like a lot of thought and work has gone into his story, too, as the modder describes it as a slow-burn that will stretch and change over four in-game years. Your time with All Might isn’t set in stone, either, as your dialogue options will lead you to a good or bad ending.

The modder further explains that there are “over 40 events and over 80 letters peppered throughout four in-game years,” and that “his dialogue changes based on what he’s going through”. He’s fully datable, too, if you want to go down that route, and lives in a new room in Harvey’s hospital.

If you’ve not seen My Hero Academia, here are the basics of All Might’s character as revealed in the first episode – no majors spoilers, don’t worry. Okay, Toshinori is revered as the world’s mightiest hero and is seen as a symbol of peace. While he appears big and strong, it’s a ruse. He was gravely injured in a colossal fight and is now thin and frail. He can only hold his old appearance for a short interval of time before needing to change back.

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All Might’s burden, though, is the high regard that people hold him to. His presence inspires heroes and deters villains. As such, no one can find out that he’s not really the symbol of peace he once was.

If you’d like to find out some more information, or how to download the mod, you can check out its page on NexusMods. One of the modders also explains that you don’t need to have watched My Hero Academia to enjoy the mod, so if this looks like your kind of thing feel free to jump in.

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