This Stardew Valley mod lets you have platonic relationships

Enjoy relationships with Pelican Town's citizens without having to date all of 'em

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Have you ever wanted a way to max out your relationships with Pelican Town’s citizens and see all their heart events without, you know, having to date all of them? There’s a Stardew Valley mod for that.

Amaranthacyan’s platonic partners and friendships mod gives you a configuration option to choose marriage candidates you want to have a non-romantic, non-dating relationship with. Once you pick one, their romantic eight and above heart dialogue and events will feel more like a close friendship. As an alternative to marriage, the mod also features a customisable platonic partnership option.

This mod alters heaps of dialogue, text, events, mail, and even item descriptions on a more granular level. You’ll also notice that NPC’s portraits will no longer blush, either. Amaranthacyan explains that this has been done so the portraits “can be used to communicate affection and emotional vulnerability without romantic implications”. All in all, the mod makes all 12 vanilla marriage candidates platonic by default. While the mod has been playtested, though, some inconsistencies may be left, but any of them should be ironed out as they appear.

If you’d like to download the mod for yourself, you can find it over on Nexus Mods alongside detailed instructions on what it’s all about and how to download it.

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