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Stardew Valley mod wrecks NPC schedules for your convenience

A new Stardew Valley mod lets you change when shops are open in the life game and adjust their schedules so they remain open even on festival days

Stardew Valley mod: The player enters Willy's shop to make a purchase

A popular new Stardew Valley mod lets you make some big changes for your convenience, albeit at the expense of a few key NPCs. It’s one of those “box within a box” situations as well, illustrating just how vast and complex the Stardew Valley mod network has become less than a decade after the life game released on PC. The mod, from creator atravita, is called Holiday Sales, and it keeps stores open in Pelican Town while festivals are taking place in other towns, though you won’t have much use for it in an unmodded game.

“Other towns?” you say in surprise. Some mods, including the Ridgeside and Durin’s Rest mods, have included other towns adjacent to the valley itself or situated further away, and some of these settlements have festivals of their own. The trouble is that Stardew Valley’s own shops tend to shut down when these non-Stardew festivals take place.

Holiday Sales fixes that and keeps the shops open during outside festivals. Or every festival, if you’re like me and don’t mind destroying the private lives of your valley neighbors purely for the sake of buying a few extra doodads. I’m also the type who kept shops open as late as possible in Animal Crossing and invaded villager spaces to get things from them at ungodly hours, though, so this kind of mod really is tailor-made for me.

And it’s just plain sensible. Planning your schedule around the local shops’ normal schedules is often difficult enough, but when you have to factor in multiple schedules, it’s easy to accidentally wreck your planting calendar and fall behind in production.

It won’t change Robin’s work schedule or Clint’s. They still remain off site or closed for business, respectively, though atravita is working on a mod to have Clint at least crack open geodes for you on festival days, which would be very handy indeed.

You can grab Holiday Sales for yourself at NexusMods. If you’re after some more nifty Stardew mods, check out some of the Solid Foundations creations, including one that lets you mass produce goods.