Harvest Days is Stardew Valley, but open-world

Harvest Days brings the spirit of open world exploration to farming RPGs

The player character in Harvest Days stands in front of an open-world map with mountains, forests, and a temple ruin

See that farm? You can go there. Okay, sure, open-world games aren’t quite so novel as they once were, but the lineage of Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, and Stardew Valley-style farming RPGs has typically stuck to more limited worlds, despite the open-ended nature of the gameplay. Harvest Days aims to bring more of that spirit of exploration to farming life.

Harvest Days gives you a farm plot and tasks you with restoring the sleepy town of Duda’s Village to its former glory. You’ll manage crops and raise animals to get your farm going, and build houses and businesses in the town to attract new residents. You’ll build relationships with the villagers, go fishing – you know, all the stuff you’d expect from this type of game.

The unique gimmick for Harvest Days is its open world, which gives you everything from a forest and swamp to a temple ruin and dungeons to explore. There are trucks to drive around, and other farm vehicles you can use to speed up the harvest.

Harvest Days is being built by a father-son development team at Family Devs, and is due to hit Kickstarter soon. You can keep up-to-date with the game via the team’s regular devlogs on YouTube.

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