Stardew Valley fan proposes with wholesome pop-up book

One Stardew Valley fan should be up for an award for boyfriend of the year after proposing to his partner of five years with a wholesome pop-up picture book

Two Stardew Valley players get married in the centre of a quaint town

A Stardew Valley fan has proposed to his girlfriend on their fifth anniversary with a beautifully crafted pop-up book. You can file this one under epic boyfriend – or, perhaps we should now say fiancé – wins.

The now-betrothed Stardew Valley fan has shared the cute creation on the game’s subreddit, making for some wholesome viewing. Of course, the cover is Stardew Valley’s opening screen with a pointer hovering over the co-op button. The rest of the pages sum up their time together with a Stardew spin. You’ve got a save file as old as their time together, an anniversary note written in the style of a quest, and various pop-up pages that recall memories.

The wonderfully named Goop explains that putting all of this together took patience, some YouTube videos, and oodles of printer ink. “I drew out my ideas for the book with pencil first, then through a combination of assets I found online, screenshots I took from the game, and hand-drawn elements, I made the individual pages, printed, glued and bound them together,” they explain.

In case you were wondering, she said yes.

In other Stardew Valley news, the farming game is now entirely self-published. Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone marked the occasion by answering a bevy of questions on Twitter. He doesn’t rule out another Stardew Valley update, though it probably won’t be as large as patch 1.5.

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