Your horses can wear hats with Stardew Valley’s multiplayer update


We already know Stardew Valley creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone is working on a multiplayer update for the indie farming simulator, with a beta due this spring. Fortunately, it seems everything is ticking along on time.

Here’s why Stardew Valley’s multiplayer is the battle royale alternative we need.

Barone took to Twitter to update fans on the progress of Stardew Valley’s multiplayer update, revealing the patch is currently in the quality assurance phase, with bugs being fixed at a good pace.

He also took the time to reassure concerned fans that the multiplayer update is not just what its names suggests, and that it will also include new single-player content, like a new feature that allows your horses to wear hats.

Stardew Valley’s multiplayer update is due for release later this year.