Stardust Galaxy Warriors is getting a free definitive edition upgrade in August

Stardust Galaxy Warriors

Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax is an upgrade for Stardust Galaxy Warriors, and it’s coming free for existing owners on August 19. 

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Stardust Galaxy Warriors is a lovely-looking, 1-4 player side-scrolling shoot ’em up that puts you in the driver’s seat of a giant mech.

The definitive edition won’t just bring the ‘Stellar Climax’ name, it’ll also add a bunch of new features. A mysterious new player character, a revised upgrade system, extra visual polish and New Game + modes are promised. The latter will let you carry your skills to a new playthrough, letting you bump up the difficulty so you can tackle the remixed bosses and enemies with a stronger character.

On August 19, Stardust Galaxy Warriors owners on Steam will receive an update which will contain the upgrade to the definitive edition, Stellar Climax. Stardust Galaxy Warriors is currently 40% off as part of Steam’s Summer Sale, so you can get access to that upgrade cheap if you put the $5.99 down now.

“This is the game we wish we could have delivered back in November,” said Dreamloop Games co-founder Steve Stewart. “We got the opportunity to polish this, and release the director’s cut, so we snatched it, and now Stellar Climax is the satisfying resolution we were looking for. It’s our happy ending.”

“One thing we’re concerned about is Steam’s ability to help us convey that we’re upgrading the game to the definitive edition without launching it as a separate title. We don’t want to make people pay twice. The players deserve the best version we can deliver for supporting us. We’re working on something big to try to get the point across that this is basically a better game, free for our current players.”