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Stellaris publisher Paradox unveils huge new space strategy game

Stellaris, Cities Skylines 2, and Crusader Kings make a strong strategy game pedigree, as Paradox reveals a new space-bound building sim.

Starminer Steam strategy game: A huge ship expunging fire in Steam strategy game Starminer

Stellaris, Crusader Kings 3, Cities Skylines 2, Europa Universalis. Over the last decade, Paradox has developed and published some of the best strategy sims available on PC. If you can build it, modify it, mine it, conquer it, or research it, Paradox has probably been involved somewhere down the line. Now, the 4X and management sim stalwart unveils a new space-based building and strategy game that mixes the best of Stellaris with the detailed, modular ship-building of Starfield, FTL, and more. Published via Paradox Arc, this is Starminer, and it’s looking seriously impressive.

Starminer is a new space strategy game with a focus on customization and hard sci-fi realism. Developed by the two-person team of CoolAndGoodGames, all one word, it’s published by Paradox Arc, a division of Paradox that seeks out upcoming independent games with serious promise.

Here’s the idea. You begin with a single, small hub ship, floating through a fully 3D version of deep space, scavenging for scant resources. Using fully simulated physics, you need to carefully maneuver your ship through asteroid fields and other intergalactic dangers as you piece together your first upgrades and modules. Check out the first-ever trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

From there, you begin to upgrade your base ship and then, gradually, an entire fleet. The options are limitless. Perhaps you want to focus on sheer tonnage, and build a single, hulking behemoth that can mine resources en masse. Or maybe you’re more invested in exploration, and want a coterie of smaller, nimbler ships that can investigate the corners of deep space.

Accept missions from contractors, and trade your discoveries for cold hard cash, or keep everything you find for yourself, and forge your ships through pure hard work. Maybe you want to pursue science and construct modules that expedite research and knowledge. Or maybe you want a gigantic warship, outfitted with the most fearsome arsenal in the galaxy.

But here’s the problem – the bigger you get and the more you mine, the greater your risk of being detected by the ominously named Alien. Once they know you’re out there, they’ll come for you, and if you’re not prepared, it could mean your end.

Starminer is expected to hit Steam Early Access in early 2024, though a specific release date has not yet been given. Nevertheless, you can wishlist it over on Valve’s store right now. If you like Stellaris, Cities, and grueling sci-fi strategy, this is one to watch.

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