State of Decay is full of hidden penises


Think back to when you did art at school, and there’s a high probability that you probably tried to hide a doodle of a man’s dong in some of your work. Be it a simple line and two-dots hidden in a watercolour bush, or a massively detailed erection sprouting from the fruitbowl of your still-life coursework, many of us were too silly to resist. 

Apparently so were some contractors who worked on State of Decay, too. The zombie survival sandbox is filled with pictures of genitalia, and developer Undead Labs have only just noticed. 

The revelation comes as the studio prepare for the HD remaster of the game for Xbox One, where many assets are undergoing a massive upgrade in resolution. With the textures so much clearer at high resolution, it’s been revealed that some contractors who made many of the assets had literally drawn dicks on everything.

“Some of our contractors worked a ridiculous amount of genitalia into the background,” said senior designer Geoffrey Card to XBLA Fans. Apparently the penises are not visible in the PC version of the game thanks to the lower resolution and lower quality textures.

Talking to, Microsoft said: “Undead Labs was not aware of the textures in question until they began the process of exporting textures for State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition, and they are not visible in the original edition of State of Decay. Undead Labs is no longer working with the contractor in question, and this material will not be present in State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition.”