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Staxel is a farm and town life sim that’s launching in 2016


Catch bugs, farm and live a second life in this 3D, Harvest Moon-inspired town sim. It looks like a lovely little break from all the constant murder, robbery, footing the ball and driving the cars.

You start the game in a village in the center of the game world, but it’s up to you where you go from there. The village is filled with interesting residents to kill talk to and develop bonds with. You can grow your garden into a fully-fledged farm, take classes with the town cook, wander through the forest catching bugs and loads of other murderous relaxing activities.

Staxel is the brainchild of Bart van der Werf (a former programmer on Starbound) and Conor Goodman (voxel designer). Development began in early 2014, inspired by some of their favorite games, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon to name a couple. After showing the game off at Minecon, and it actually being quite popular, the team expanded and development is in full swing.

It’s due for release in 2016 and you can watch the announcement trailer below:

They should have called it Relaxel.