Stealth Inc 2 sneaking out of Wii U exclusivity and onto PC

stealth inc 2 a game of clones curve studios

Despite starting out on the PC, Stealth Inc 2 was released exclusively on the Wii U. Bad news for the fans of side on, 2D stealth games who are limited to playing on their desktop.

However, Curve Studios’ design director, Jonathan Biddle, has revealed that their contract with Nintendo was for timed exclusivity, not permanent. Stealth Inc 2 is coming to PC.

Biddle said on Twitter that:

Back in 2011 Curve released Stealth Bastard, an excellent (and free) sidescrolling stealth’em’up. After finding a lot of fans it was released on Steam as a deluxe edition a year later. After finding a release on consoles the team renamed it to Stealth Inc, the word ‘bastard’ not going down too well with the console marketing team. Then in October 2013 Stealth Inc 2 was released on Wii U with no word of whether we’d see a PC release.

It was always on the cards but, with timed exclusives, studios are often contractually obligated to keep quiet on the matter.

Now, though, we’re getting this on PC: