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Steam Community Update update: personal content pages, favouriting and screenshot “works of art”


Steam’s Community tab is on the cusp of a major overhaul, and new features and rearrangements are being detailed one-by-one, day-by-day throughout this week. It’s a little like watching the Generation Game’s prize conveyor belt on its slowest setting – Tuesday saw a juicy fact or two on individual Game Hubs, Wednesday was for discussion board-focused changes to the Group system, and tonight is something Valve are calling My Content Updates, although I’d have gone with My Childhood Bedroom.

Personal content – namely screenshots, replays, linked videos from YouTube and Workshop items – will all be gathered and displayed in one place for the benefit of your Friends.

There’s an image wall, on which your screenshots will be plastered whether you like it or not, in a new layout that reportedly “makes your finest gaming moments look like a work of art”, although I’m sceptical anybody’s going to be projecting my 800 near-identical snaps of mossy walls in Legend of Grimrock in a gallery anytime soon.

Screenshots, videos and Workshop items you might come across on Steam can now also be ‘favourited’, in a nod to Twitter intended for bookmarking and ease of sharing.

We’ll have more on the final details of the update when they trundle into view tomorrow, along with plans for the closed beta.