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Finally, a Steam Deck accessory for all your nugget needs

If you’ve ever wanted a Steam Deck accessory that combines your love of gaming with your love of bite size chicken, then this is for you

Finally, a Steam Deck accessory for all your nugget needs: A Steam Deck on a white background with McDonald's chicken nuggets on the screen

A Steam Deck accessory can be a useful tool indeed, and this one is for those who like a little snack with their gaming. While Valve’s handheld is suitable for things like docking stations or kickstands, this could well be the first instance of someone showcasing a design for us McNugget lovers.

Reddit user Sealcouch recently showed off their McDonald’s nugget holder. In the video, a small pouch – affixed to the Steam Deck carry case – is removed, showing a custom M to match the logo of the world-famous burger restaurant. Upon opening the pouch, we are then greeted by some of the bite size chicken and a little sachet of dipping sauce.

To really hammer home the reference, Sealcouch can then be seen booting the Deck up and loading McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure through a Sega Genesis emulator. It seems as though their nugget accessory is more of a joke than something they are looking to make available. Given that, it might not rival the best Steam Deck docs, but it’s a fun little thing for anyone who doesn’t like to reach far for a chicken snack. And it could encourage others to make their own.

It’s difficult to say whether the user has made their accessory from scratch or it’s something that is already available, and they’ve just repurposed it. Their profile does link back to an Etsy page called Luke The Maker, where they do appear to put their skills towards making things. They also make a reference on Reddit to using 3D printing and PLA, otherwise known as Polylactic Acid. This suggests they have made the Steam Deck accessory in question.

While the world is eagerly anticipating the official Steam Deck dock, there are a number of third-party accessories for the Valve device. It kind of lends credibility to the idea that the portable PC has a lot of versatility, from both the software aspect and being able to accommodate a number of accoutrements. If you’re interested in an accessory, you can always opt for some of the best Steam Deck SD cards, or you can take a look at our Steam Deck review if you’re still deciding on whether or not to join the queue for the handheld.