Steam Deck compatible games now easier to find with ProtonDB plugin

Finding Steam Deck compatible games just got much easier thanks to the modding community's efforts in producing the ProtonDB plugin

A Steam Deck, showing the Resident Evil 2 store page, complete with ProtonDB Badges System UI, against a purple-white background

The amount of Steam Deck compatible games has steadily increased since the portable PC was released earlier this year, but Valve still has quite a way to go before it’s even close to covering the majority of its store. Thankfully, the modding community has developed a way that should make it much easier to check unverified entries in your Steam library, and more.

The ProtonDB plugin, accessed via the popular Decky Loader software mod, acts as a great stopgap or complement to Valve’s official Steam Deck verification system.

The overall compatibility rating from the ProtonDB website is created through the direct input of users, giving you a better idea of what issues you may encounter on the portable powerhouse.

Some Reddit users even claim that the ProtonDB plugin may actually be more accurate than the official system, with one thread claiming as such, receiving over 1,000 upvotes in agreement.

You can find instructions on how to download and install Decky Loader and the ProtonDB plugin for yourself here. It’s simple enough to do so, but it’s worth noting that you’ll need to enable advanced settings like ‘Developer Mode’ in order to get it running.

Image Credit: milkdude94 / Reddit