You can play Steam Deck games on NAS storage

If you're looking to give your Steam Deck storage a boost to store even more games, then creating a library on network-attached storage could do the trick

A Steam Deck, with a WiFi symbol featuring the device's logo official logo

Storing plenty of Steam Deck games on the device’s internal SSD is a breeze, but you can quickly run out of space even with a sizeable microSD card as a fallback. Thankfully, it seems the handheld gaming PC has a trick up its sleeve, allowing you to boost its capacity via network-attached storage (NAS).

This Steam Deck game storage workaround was highlighted by Reddit user Mystic5hadow, who shared an image of their portable PC accessing sizeable videogames such as Grand Theft Auto 5 via a NAS.

Mystic5hadow says that they’ve had “zero issues” playing games on their Steam Deck that are installed on the NAS, “even after quick resuming for a long sleep.” In fact, they go so far as to say their setup is “actually faster than my microSD for the most part.”

If you fancy giving this a go with your own Steam Deck, you can follow Mystic5hadow’s step-by-step guide here. Just bear in mind that your experience may vary due to several performance factors, including the bandwidth of your local area network, the speed of your NAS drives, and more.